How manually type a date while a macro is runnig and then it copy my input?

At one point, while the macro is in progress, I must manually write the date and I wish that KM would copy it.
I played with [prompt for user input] but can’t figure if it’s the good choice.

any hint?

Seems like a good choice to me, but really can't say without seeing your macro and workflow.
In fact, with a Prompt Action, you can provide a default date if you wish.

Using something like that would allow you to save the date you enter as a variable to be used later.

ty cfriend, sounds good for me, but... how to use it later?
I tried this way but something went wrong

When you run the macro, that Prompt will let you type in a date, which will be saved to the data_scontrino variable.

Like @JMichaelTX was saying, can you post your macro so we can see what exactly you’d like to achieve?

ok. There are 2 macros fired in sequence. Between of them I just copy some text - 4 times - from a document (the manual copy is the safer solution). Anyway the 2nd macro start to store the last 4 clipboards into the respective variables.
Attached the macro1

aa_1st_macro_scontrino.kmmacros (4.7 KB)

the 2nd macro run fine (if i type the data in a second file: like I did until yesterday) with the prompt method it will be faster and safer because the macro avoid the "switch" from the two files. below the sshot of the beginning of the 2nd macro.
many many thanks u all

so instead of automatically saving the data_, numero_, importo, and cod_fisc to a variable automatically like you're doing now, you'd like to paste them in yourself in a prompt?

This action will default to your past clipboards, and also give you the chance to make adjustments as necessary. Later, you can call those data_, numero_, importo, and cod_fisc variables and use them however you need.

I need to type just the data, and paste it using the prompt. The others variables will be filled by the text manually copied from the document.

sorry to bother you again guys but I’m stuck. via the [promt for user input] I manually insert the data in the format I need like dd/mm/yyyy for example 24/12/2016

the question is: how to “insert by typing” or “paste” or recall/use this data (24/12/2016) later?

thank you again

I'll answer your question, but first let me show you how you can get you answers much quicker:

  1. Search for the KM Action by Name

2. Browse the Actions List (⌘K)

3. Search the KM Wiki

The Answer is:
as posted above: "Insert Text by Pasting"

thank you for support but I know this: I was looking for the right way to recall/paste my variable and finally I've got it to work, as I'm going to explain it in the next post :wink:

It works finally!

the keys is... the right syntax: Insert text and from the menu insert token on the right choose
variable -> variable_name in my case is "data_scontrino"

I'm glad you figured it out!
Did the KM Wiki not explain it well for you?

  • If not, please let us know how we can improve the Wiki to be more helpful.

The problem is that I had no precise idea of what to look for: I have the question but I was not able to address it in the right way.
I would have to find the exact answer to my question but it is often not possible. However, after realizing that you can enter the value of a variable via KM, as recall it?
Ok the right reply is choose "insert text by typing" and write in the field %Variable&name_of_the_variable% or choose Insert Token: Variable:name_of_the_variable look in the sshoot above

This "function" (ask to the user to insert something and recall it later all inside KM) is superb and opens the door to thousands of possibilities. Nevermore without it.
Thank you all again for support, sry for my rough english.

OK, thanks for your feedback.
I'll see if I can use that to improve the Wiki.

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