How to batch resizing images in specific wide proportionately?

Having many images in current folder, I’m going to input specific width and resize them quickly in a batch proportionately.

Eventually can give an option of overwriting or creating new images before save as files in current folder.

Who can help create a macro for that?

Thank you in advance!

This helped me…

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Assuming you select the files first, you can use the techniques shown in:

to process each file.

Then Keyboard Maestro can read the image file (Read a File action), resize the image (Resize an Image to Fit action), and then write the file (Write to a File action).

You'll want to ensure you have good backups before attempting any batch operations.

It seems Read a File action to read image doesn't work properly on KM Version 9.0.3. The image is 11304 × 3904 on the disk, but it's only 2713x937 on clipboard. Those related actions like Resize Image and Get DPI of Image also don't work. Is this a bug of KM Version 9.0.3?

Change the image format to BMP, if successful, change back to png or jpeg


But the size of the image read is not the same as the size of it on the disk. And both getting DPI and getting size from system clipboard are failed. I think it should be a problem in the process of reading image to clipboard.

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