How to Copy Columns of Data from Google Sheets into Different Clip Boards?

Hello, I'm trying to automate copying data from Google Sheets into different clipboards so I can then paste it into forms on various websites. You can see in this video tutorial what I'm trying to do exactly at time marker 1:20 you can see the process being done. However, my issue is I'm not sure how to do that based on the cell selection. I only know how to copy from a specific cell/cells.

I think I need to have it automatically copy all the information from the right based on cell selection in sequence & then store them into different clipboards. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks

Hey @CruxMagic,

You don't tell us what vid that time-marker is relevant to – and most folks will be reluctant to sign-up for such a service just to help you out (free or not).

Nevertheless – you might get lucky, and some intrepid soul will take an interest.

It looks to me like you want to:

  • Select a range.
  • Copy to the System Clipboard (tab-delimited-data).
  • Place the Clipboard into a Variable (not a Named Clipboard).
  • Parse on a per line basis using For Each action with the Lines-In-A-Collection option.


You haven't given us much of an idea of your workflow, so it's impossible to give cogent advice.

If you haven't read these they're worth a couple of minutes of your time:

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