How to create disclosure triangles (or something similar) for a pick-list?

I have a lot of hashtags in my pick list, and used to group them by categories, with headers IN CAPS. That helped provide definition to my pick list, but it still requires scrolling through a long window to find the right category set / value. So...

Is there any way way to create a kind of system of disclosure triangles to group values within (or underneath) their respective categories? That would be... huge !


In short: No. Not using the KM Prompt with List.

However, you could create a Custom HTML Prompt action and, since it is just HTML, you could create the "disclosure triangles" that you want.

If you search the forum, you'll find lots of examples for the HTML Prompt.

Thanks very much.

I took a look at some of what's offered via the link you provided, but didn't see much that relates to what I'm searching for. Is there a particular section (or theme) that you had in mind?

Also, if there isn't a way to create disclosure triangles in KM, is there some other way you'd suggest I can group the values in my pick lists so that they're more orderly and easier to navigate?

Thanks so much!

As I said:

You can start with this forum search on the HTML Prompt tag:

I have used a system called "Text Tags", which is simply the tag name (one word) proceeded by an "@" symbol.

Here's an example:

Using MACRO: Spotlight Search Prompt by @DanThomas, initially I see a window like this:

I can then filter the list using my "Text Tags", like "@strings"

Of course, this requires that you do both pre- and post- processing to get the actual item that is selected.

I see no reason that this could not also work with the KM Prompt With List action.

Does this help?