How to disable the application switcher palette and clipboard history


Is there a way to disable the application switcher, I’d prefer to use the built-in OS switcher for Command-Tab(bing) between the open applications.

I also use Launchbar and would prefer to use its clipboard history and not have my clipboard recorded elsewhere. Launchbar allows you to define applications that it should ignore.

Thanks, Alan.

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Hey Alan,

Go to the All Macros group and search for 'switcher'.

When you find the right macro disable it.

I believe there's not a convenient method to do that, but it can be done.

Disable all the relevant clipboard switcher macros, and run this in the Terminal:

defaults write com.stairways.keyboardmaestro.engine MaxClipboardHistory -int 0

You can restore the default (100) by deleting the preference:

defaults delete com.stairways.keyboardmaestro.engine MaxClipboardHistory

You can change the max by changing the zero in the first one to another integer.

I use LaunchBar myself, but I keep KM's clipboard switcher enabled – because I can have more items in it – and the search is sometimes more accurate than LB's. So I usually start with LB's history and move to KM if I don't find what I want.



Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reply, it never occurred to me that the application switcher was being triggered by a macro, I was looking for a preference setting.

Thanks also for the clipboard setting, I’m just so used to working with Launchbar and the way in which you can prevent it from recording the clipboard of an application such as 1Password and Keychain Access. I guess it’s all down to your personal workflow, I’d be lucky to get past 5 items in my history :smile:

Regards Alan

Hey Alan,

I think it would probably be good if KM had the ability to blacklist apps from the clipboard manager, but that currently isn't an option.

KM does to 'Detect and Conceal Possible Passwords' in its General Preference pane.

I have LB maxed at 100 items, and I have KM set to 300 items.

KM sometimes saves my bacon if I make a mistake somewhere.


Note also that detected passwords, as well as being concealed in the clipboard switchers (until your option click on them) are never saved to disk and are removed from the clipboard history when then get past slot 10.

1Password explicitly marks passwords (and usernames) as concealed, so they should always be detected. Keychain Access is from Apple so there is not much chance Apple will even implement the method of marking the passwords, but Keyboard Maestro should detect most of them (and you can adjust the detection algorithm if you use a specific style of passwords that Keyboard Maestro does not recognise).

Hi Peter,

Sorry for the delay with my reply. I think the ability to blacklist an application from the clipboard history would be better for me than relying on a detection routine. 1Password includes a setting that clears the clipboard after a set number of seconds. I currently use that feature and blacklist both 1Password and Keychain Access from the Launchbar clipboard history. I don’t want my passwords hanging around anywhere other than in in the system keychain or 1Password vault.

Regards Alan

1Password explicitly marks the passwords so there is no “detection routine”.

The only way to have the passwords removed would be to set the concealed maximum position to 1 as described in the preferences.

Hi Peter,

I get it with 1Password, I was thinking about Apple's Keychain which is blacklisted for me in Launcher's clipboard history.

but Keyboard Maestro should detect most of them (and you can adjust the detection algorithm if you use a specific style of passwords that Keyboard Maestro does not recognise).

That was the detection routine I mentioned in my earlier reply, the ability to limit passwords to just the first slot is good but I was adding my thoughts behind having a clipboard application blacklist, that way no passwords will make it into the clipboard history.

Regards Alan