How to find macro files on a crashed computer

Hello, my old computer crashed. I had been sinking macros across to computers, so I mistakenly thought I would just be able to pick up my macros on the. new computer. Some are there, but many are not. I have access to the hard drive on the old computer and I cannot seem to locate what files to copy on the old computer to bring into my new computer.

I cannot start up Keyboard Maestro, which means I cannot export the macros. I know they are on the hard drive. somewhere and I’m. trying to figure out the location. Any help would be very much appreciated.

They’re in ~/Library/Application Support/Keyboard Maestro/Keyboard Maestro Macros.plist. I believe that’s all you need to copy.

However, you may also want to copy these files:

  • Keyboard Maestro Clipboards.plist
  • Keyboard Maestro Variables.plist

And if you have any custom actions, they’ll be in the subfolder “Keyboard Maestro Actions”.


Hello Dan, excellent! Thank you. I will give this solution a whirl. Can’t believe that the solution that I thought was back. it up my macros was not…


Glad to help!