How to paste an specific image?

i have some .jpg files, wanna to paste them depending on different HOTKEY, how can I do this?

Are they always the same images? One way to do it would be to save them to Named Clipboards and paste from those Named Clipboards based on hotkey. For example:

Pastes this image on hotkey:

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Here's an idea for you. Sorry I don't have time right now to implement.

  1. Create a macro with a typed string trigger using RegEx, so that it will be triggered by multiple strings, like:
  • ;im.1 -- use image file 1
  • ;im.2 -- use image file 2
  • ;im.? -- choose image file
  • etc
  • Based on the trigger, copy image file to clipboard
  • Paste

Of course you can use multiple Hotkey triggers, or typed string trigger with a mnemonic, like ;im.tu for a thumbs-up image.


OK, @Michael_Jaq, I think the macro I just posted should do the job for you. Please test and let us know if it will work for you.

##Macro Library @Image -- Paste Selected Image From File @Example