How to pause until a browser link appears

Howdy folks! I recently started replacing certain portions of my macros with the click on browser link actions. I find these are faster and more reliable than looking for and clicking on a found image. there a way to pause the macro until the link appears, BESIDES using pause until an image of it is found or an arbitrary pause for "X" amount of seconds?

Ideally, it would be nice if Keyboard Maestro could recognize which links are active on the page, pause until that a specific link is loaded onto the page, and then click on it. It can identify at least some of the active links because it populates a list of them in the action drop down menu to make it easier to identify and select one.

Any help would be appreciated!

How about pausing until the page has fully loaded?

Some pages "finish" loading and then start loading more portions of the page. It's a rather dynamic state on a lot of pages so the action to "Wait For Browser to Finish Loading" has its drawbacks.

I will look at the link you provided though, and see if it will work for my needs. Thanks for your response!

Yes, you can execute javascript until the required anchor (a href) element is found. Sorry I can't sit down and provide a detailed explanation at the mo, but this is the track I'd personally go down

Exactly. Here's a macro you can use for that:

MACRO: Pause Until Web Page Element Exists [Example]

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