How to Reference a Specific Music Track

There is a KM Music control action "Play a Specific Track" - but I don't understand how to specify the track, and I can't find an example.

If I go into Apple Music and say I want to "share" a track, and copy that to the clipboard, I get:
‎Open Country Joy by Mahavishnu Orchestra on Apple Music - in this case "Open Country Joy" is the name of the song. I tried pasting the entire URL into Track name, but that didn't work, and I also tried "open-country-joy" but no luck there either.

Is there some part of that string that should specify the Track in the "Play a Specific Track" macro? Or is it something else entirely?

And in a meta-question (I'm new at KM) other than pestering this forum, how should I figure out this sort of question on my own?


I don't use Apple Music, so I've never used this before, but it seems quite literal...

You could type the track name into a prompt like this:

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Here's another thing you could do. In Music, click File > Libary > Export Libary/Playlist and save the file to your desktop. Open this file in a spreadsheet editor, delete every column except the first (song titles) and save this file somewhere. Drag the file into the green action's path field in the macro below, replacing the example path. Triggering the macro will prompt you with a list of all your songs in the exported libary/playlist, from which you can select one to be played in Music.

There's probably a better way to do this, giving you options to select songs by artist etc, but this is just a quick example of where you could go with KM. If you like it, maybe this post could spark some further ideas.

Play A Track.kmmacros (20 KB)

Macro screenshot

Having said all this, you should look at Alfred which is brilliant for this sort of thing. The free version should be enough to search for and play songs.

Another vote for Alfred for this particular case. :+1:t2: