How to restore my Keyboard Maestro Macros from Time Machine?

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I’m Keyboard Maestro Registered user, I would like to know how to restore my Keyboard Maestro Macros.

I have not regular backup my macros, but I have my Time Machine record in hand. question is how to restore my macros from Time Machine?

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Quit Keyboard Maestro and Keyboard Maestro Engine if running.

Restore the ~/Library/Application Support/Keyboard Maestro folder

To get there, in the Finder, hold the option key down and select Library from the Go menu, then drill down into Application Support and then find the Keyboard Maestro.


Is there a way to backup all your macros? I see the export button in KM, but is that only for individually selected macros?

Well, you can backup the aforementioned ~/Library/Application Support/Keyboard Maestro folder, which your backup system should already be doing.

Alternatively, you can turn on syncing and save the sync file to your Dropbox folder, and then every change to any macro will automatically be copied the Dropbox sync file, and stored there (including versions of it if Dropbox still does versioning).

Or you can select the All Macros smart group, and then all the macros within it, and Export Macros to export all your macros.


Okay thanks. I think I’ll will also export all the macros so that I can access them individually when I need them. For some reason I accidentally deleted some macros from a folder which I now need to recreate. If I were to work from a restored App Support KM file, I might lose macros that I created prior to deleting the other macros. Again, thanks for your feedback.

If you lost them recently, you can launch Keyboard Maestro, and then revert to a previous date’s macros, copy/export the missing macros, and then revert back to “when Keyboard Maestro launched”, and then paste the macros in.


Aw, okay, I’ll remember that for next time. Thanx.

Other options:

  1. Tell Keyboard Maestro you want to sync your macros, even if you only use it on one computer

Put the file somewhere like ~/Dropbox/Apps/Keyboard Maestro/TJs-Macros.kmsync

Then it gets sync’d and Dropbox saves 30 days worth of revisions.

  1. I have a Keyboard Maestro macro which backs up my Keyboard Maestro preferences every time the Keyboard Maestro quits :smile:
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I have KM 8.0.4. When I go to ~/Library/Application Support/ there is no Keyboard Maestro.
Has it been relocated?

Nope. It is still there:

You might goto the Application Support folder and do a search for "Keyboard Maestro" and add a search field for type = "folder"

If not found there, make the search be for your entire Mac.

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Thank you for the prompt response.

Searched Application Support and then entire hard drive. No Keyboard Maestro folder. Might it be hidden?

If you have Keyboard Maestro, and you have macros, then you have the

~/Library/Application Support/Keyboard Maestro


You can get to ~/Library in the Finder by holding down the shift (or option) key and selecting Library from the Go menu in the Finder.

There are multiple Library folders and multiple Application Support folders, so you need to ensure you are getting to teh right one in the right location.

Thanks, Peter. I was in another Library. Very confusing.


Additional Question…

Looking through the Keyboard Maestro folder I see references to KM
versioning. If I copy the KM folder as a backup and then restore it
after a KM version upgrade, will I be reverting to the older KM version?

No, the folder contains only your data - the application is stored elsewhere (wherever you put it, generally the Applications folder).

If you quit Keyboard Maestro and Keyboard Maestro Engine, and then restore the folder from an old backup, Keyboard Maestro will just update it to work with the version you are now using.

This is just fantastic. Beautifully done, imho. Chapeau!

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