How to rewrite DevonThink import file macro for Pathfinder

Seishonagon has a great macro library for getting files from Finder into Devonthink here.
I'd like to get this to work in Pathfinder, but my old trick of using the Pathfinder menu item to "Reveal in Finder" and then run the desired macro from Finder no longer works because "Reveal in Finder" is broken in Pathfinder 8.
I've spent about an hour trying to rework Seishonagon's AppleScript to use in PathFinder (by using C Stone's KM macro to create a text file of the selection and then trying to set that as a variable in AppleScript), but no luck. Can one of the AS gurus here point me in the right direction?

Hi @rolian, have you tried the KM action "Select or Show Menu Item"?

Works very well for me in Pathfinder 8.3.9 (currently)

Thank you!! That did work for me also. I had been trying Select or Show Menu Item ; PathFinder:File:Reveal in Finder - and that doesn't work (because of a known Pathfinder bug).

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