How to Search 1Password 7 and Open 1Password Mini



Use Case

  • Use 1Password Mini with Mac Apps
  • 1PW is great for filling in UserName and PW in browser login prompts
  • But it does not work as automated for Mac Apps
  • If you have a Mac App that requires you to log in every time, you could use the below Actions (or script) to automate that entire process
  • Note: This is limited to 1Password Version 7+.

You can use these KM Actions to search 1PW7 for a keyword in the Item Title, and show 1PW Mini:

Example Results

KM Actions

Open URL:



You can use this AppleScript:
(based on scripts by @appleianer and @ccstone)

set keywordStr to "forum.key"
open location "onepassword://extension/search/" & keywordStr

1Password keyboard shortcuts

You might also find these 1Password Mini shortcuts handy, which you can issue using a KM Type Keystroke Action:

  • Shift‑Command‑C
    • Copy the password of the selected item.
    • Copy the generated password.
  • Control‑Command‑C
    • Copy the username of the selected item.


Dealing with non-Menu Bar Apps
Dealing with non-Menu Bar Apps

This looks super cool! Thanks!

Can I use this with 1Password 6? How do i open the 1password menu bar menu?


Hi @halloleo, in version 7 the AppleScript command to call the 1Password Mini was changed as follows:

set keywordStr to "forum.key"
open location "onepassword://extension/search/" & keywordStr

In version 6 it should read like this:

set keywordStr to "forum.key"
open location "x-onepassword-helper://search/" & keywordStr