How to Search 1Password 7 and Open 1Password Mini

Use Case

  • Use 1Password Mini with Mac Apps
  • 1PW is great for filling in UserName and PW in browser login prompts
  • But it does not work as automated for Mac Apps
  • If you have a Mac App that requires you to log in every time, you could use the below Actions (or script) to automate that entire process
  • Note: This is limited to 1Password Version 7+.

You can use these KM Actions to search 1PW7 for a keyword in the Item Title, and show 1PW Mini:

Example Results

KM Actions

Open URL:



You can use this AppleScript:
(based on scripts by @appleianer and @ccstone)

set keywordStr to "forum.key"
open location "onepassword://extension/search/" & keywordStr

1Password keyboard shortcuts

You might also find these 1Password Mini shortcuts handy, which you can issue using a KM Type Keystroke Action:

  • Shift‑Command‑C
    • Copy the password of the selected item.
    • Copy the generated password.
  • Control‑Command‑C
    • Copy the username of the selected item.



This looks super cool! Thanks!

Can I use this with 1Password 6? How do i open the 1password menu bar menu?

Hi @halloleo, in version 7 the AppleScript command to call the 1Password Mini was changed as follows:

set keywordStr to "forum.key"
open location "onepassword://extension/search/" & keywordStr

In version 6 it should read like this:

set keywordStr to "forum.key"
open location "x-onepassword-helper://search/" & keywordStr

Thanks for. the post @JMichaelTX

Would you happen where I can find instructions/how-to/tutorial for using 1Password7 with Keyboard Maestro?

I don't know of any 1PW7 specific tutorials.

You might look at:

If you can't figure out how to make KM do want you want, just ask a question.

Please read:
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This would be awesome, if I could only get it to work. I can paste "onepassword://extension/search/gmail" into Firefox and it opens my gmail password in 1Password mini but if I Set a variable or even just create a macro to "Open URL" with the default extension and use the same URL as above, I get an error that the URL is invalid and the macro stops.

Using the latest versions of KM and 1PW.



@swkent, do you want to use the open also for apps or the admin password?
Since the script variant stopped working for me as well and Agilebits doesn't want to change anything about it, I open the 1Password Mini window with the ShortCut and use an Aoolescript for everything else.

In the post you can see my variants to the Autofill Login:

@appleianer Looking to use it for apps. Possibly for login in the future but I have a lot of web apps I run using epichrome or nativfier. Hate having to install, login and update the extension all the time.

@swkent I will make you a video tutorial on my 1Password autofill macros and also give you the KM macros.

That is great. Thank you so much.