How to Send Sysex or Obtain More Midi Values With KM?



I send midi with KM to avoid having an external midi controller and have more flexible mapping. However, the program I use, Max for Live, has a limitation on midi channels (I can only use 1) and CC values. Also the 127 midi limit is a historical hardware limitation, I don't see why virtual messages couldn't be unlimited. I very quickly eat up all those values between playing actual midi notes and mapping midi values to buttons.

I'm asking for advice if anyone has thought about this before. Is there a way to shoot out more messages like midi that could be supported in DAWs? I don't understand how to obtain and format sysex messages, but I think that might be simpler than OSC. Couldn't someone just create arbitrary sysex messages to obtain unlimited options? Any opinions are welcome, thank you!


This website helped me understand Sysex:

In fact, it's much easier than I thought to create your own custom sysex messages. Here's an example of a raw packet (it's that simple!):
F0 00 F7
here's another one:
F0 00 01 F7

As long as it starts and ends properly, the message is detected in Max for Live and can be used in JS, so it solves my problem completely. Way to go KM for allowing this amazing functionality!