How to Tell When the Laptop Lid is Closed

I sometimes have trouble with the MagSafe power connector on my MacBook coming unplugged. When I'm actively at my keyboard, I have a macro that is triggered by Power Status Changed that alerts me. That handles most of my power problems.

However, I sometimes use a utility that I found on GitHub, NoSleep, which stops the computer from sleeping when I close the lid. (I installed it when I was working in a big company and would carry my laptop to meetings in the elevator. I saw people every day carrying their laptops open so that they wouldn't have to log back in when they got where they were going. That seemed awkward and risky.) I use it now when I've started a backup or I've put on some music and I want that to continue when I close the lid.

Unfortunately, if the MagSafe connector disconnects while the lid is closed, my Power Status Changed macro can't alert me and if the computer goes all night like that, I can find an empty battery in the morning, like I did this morning.

Also unfortunately, there is no "Lid Status Changed" trigger or "Lid Status" token that I could use to change the mode of the alert to an audible one only when the lid is closed.

For now, I'm adding the Play Sound action every time, but I'd really rather it be only when the lid is closed.

Any ideas?


There is an astoundingly powerful macOS shell command called "pmset" that tells you a TON of information about your Mac. Try this:

pmset -g ps / batt

Since I don't have a battery, all it tells me is that I'm running on AC power. But for you, it may tell you the battery's power level.

By writing a macro that triggers every minute (or 5 minutes?) I think you could use this to tell if the battery was draining. Generally speaking, power drains only if the device is unplugged, right? Would that help you?

You could put that command into a KM Execute Shell Script command that returns the result into a KM variable which you could test intermittently for changes.

Come to think of it, I'm going to add to my TODO list the creation of a macro that lets the user interface with all the features of the pmset command. Unless someone else does it first.

Okay, here's a preliminary macro that displays the top ~24 items, based on what option you choose.

PMSET Action (v11.0.1)

Group.kmactions (7.3 KB)

Keyboard Maestro Export

Using the pmset command, I could get KM to send me a text message when my trackpad or keyboard's battery level drops below, say 10%.

This macro is really nice and a tool I'll definitely be using to learn better how to utilise the possibilities of pmset!

However I did not upon my first look over the list of different pmset's see one that returns a status of wether the MacBook lid is closed or not. I found a script via google that returns a AppleClamshellState, ending with Yes if the lid is closed, and No if it is open.

ioreg -r -k AppleClamshellState -d 4 | grep AppleClamshellState | head -1

I was wondering if it was something resembling what I've uploade bellow that you where looking for @August?

Running on battery Notification.kmmacros (4.2 KB)

Macro Image

EDIT: Or a bette solution could maybe be to run just the script in a separate macro, periodically triggered every five minutes or so, and have the rest of the macro triggered by a Power Status Changed trigger.


Thanks. It's just the start of what can be done. A KM macro could also be written to provide direct access to change many of the functions of your Mac using the pmset command. (I actually did this once in the past for a pmset command that I needed, but a more general solution could allow access to all pmset features.)

Thanks @Alexander!

Yes, I think your clamshellState variable might do the trick. However, I'm not clear on the need to update it every five minutes. Why not simply have your macro above triggered by the KBM Power State Changed trigger?

In that approach, clamshellState would be evaluated whenever the Power State changes, and not until then. And I'll make it a local... variable because, without the periodic polling, it cannot be counted on to be meaningful outside this context.

Wow! Thanks @Airy! That looks hugely useful as a framework. I like using the output of pmset -g getters as a Prompt With List list. However, I don't know what a lot of those terms mean. Have you found anywhere that has the various pmset options/getters documented?

You are right, it makes the most sense only triggering it from Power State Changed trigger. I was thinking about it in a weird way where it seemed meaningful not having to wait (the fraction of a second) for the script to execute.

Only way I can now give reason to setting the script up as a separate macro, not affected by the Power State Changed trigger, would be if your unstable MagSafe fell in and out constantly, but if this was the case I guess you'd have bigger problems than this script being ran unnecessarily often.

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It also appears that the original ioreg command reports a lot of useful stuff. Removing the grep, I found that it also reports

  |   "AppleClamshellCausesSleep" = Yes
  |   "Last Sleep Reason" = "Clamshell Sleep"

and that's without researching what the -r and -k options do.

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If you type "man pmset" in a macOS Terminal you will get the information that I use to learn about this command. I'm sure there are websites which go into it in more detail.


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@Alexander's Shell Script line answers the "lid closed" issue, but I've discovered that still doesn't solve my probem, so I've asked the next question in a separate thread: