How to Troubleshoot Keyboard Issues

How to Troubleshoot Keyboard Issues

Occasionally we see a post asking about problems with the user's keyboard, keystrokes. Since Keyboard Maestro can capture any keystroke, it is a logical candidate to investigate. Sometimes the user has created a macro with a hotkey or typed string trigger that they forgot about.

One quick way to check KM for macros that have a specific keystroke in the trigger is to use the KM Editor Global Search. You can access Global Search by any of the following:

  • Shortcut: ⌘⌥F
  • Click on the in the Groups Panel, then click in the Search box (upper right corner)

Next, in the Search box, use the t: qualifier to search for triggers.
For example, to search for macros who have a trigger of ⌃⇧P, I just type:

Here's a short animated GIF showing how to do this:

  1. First, it shows ALL of my macros
  2. I type t: to make it a search for triggers
  3. As I type ⌃⇧P you can see the search results

Note that to get the symbols "⌃⇧", and other modifier keys you can use your Mac Keyboard "Show emoji and symbols" tool:

###Search for Macro Trigger

### Troubleshooting Outside of KM

Here's a great article by MacWorld that you might find useful:
[When you can"t type a certain character on your Mac, here"s how to troubleshoot it](


### Other Techniques

If you know of other techniques and/or resources for troubleshooting keyboard issues, please post below.

Another good idea is to check the Engine.log file (Help ➤ Open Logs Folder). If Keyboard Maestro is triggering macros, then they will show up at the end of the file. Alternatively, select the All Macros smart group and sort your macros by Date Used. Trigger an innocuous macro to bring it to the top and then watch if any macros come ahead of them.

Or wait until version 8.0 and use the new Assistance window for when Something Unexpected is happening and it will show you macros as they are triggered.


Coming soon, I hope. :wink:


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