How to use a Spreadsheet database to fill in Google Forms?

Hi guys!

I'm so excited using Keyboard Maestro! Last week I stared using it to automate my little business and it already saved me like 20 hours of time. I even bought a Mac Mini today to continuously keep Keyboard Maestro running in the background.

Now, here's my problem:

Somehow I want to use a Spreadsheet document (or a CSV file for example) to fill in information on a certain website (in Google Chrome).

So: I want to get the first value in a Spreadsheet row and use it in the website. Then get the second value from the same spreadsheet row and use it in the website. Then save the information by clicking a button on the website. And next: move to the second row where the process will be repeated.

Can anyone please give me some pointers on how to get started in this? Is it by using parent and child functions? Or should I learn some Javascript (yikes!)? I've tried searching this forum but I think I don't know the right words to find the information I want.

Thanks so much!


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Here is a macro which addresses a similar need. Perhaps it will get you started. Check it out, and let us know if you have more questions.

###MACRO: Use Excel to Fill Google (or Safari) Form Fields [Example]

Thanks so much! Iā€™m gonna check it out. Looks promising at first glance. Should get me started :slight_smile:

Hi @JMichaelTX and others,

I've been working on this issue a bit and have settled for using Google Chrome Tabs, of which the first Tab is a Google Spreadsheet (which I navigate by CMD-Copy Keystrokes and Right / Left / Down Arrow Keystrokes to navigate the database).

In the second Google Chrome tab I have the website where I Set "Google Chrome Fields to Text" and paste the clipboard.

The down and left keystrokes I use to go to the next line in the database. It's maybe a bit primitive setup but it's working like a charm so far :slight_smile:

This is all embedded in a "Repeat Actions x Times" Control Flow.

Here's a piece of how I set things up:

Hi there! I think you can set variables from the spreadsheet, maybe @JMichaelTX can help us with the KM actions :grinning: