How to use found image on just the active window

Is there a way to have found image only search the active window?

I am trying to click a extension button in Chrome for the current window, but I have multiple Chrome windows open and visible (I have three monitors) so KM is telling me “no unique image found”. Thx.

I told Peter a while ago that it would be great if a user could limit the scope where an image on the screen is searched. He answered that he is considering it, but is not quite sure about how to come up with a good interface. Maybe some suggestions to fulfill a lot of use cases (only in certain window, only in upper right corner, i.e.) could help here.

No. There is no way to restrict the area that Keyboard Maestro searches for images.

There is this inspired/insane macro which can search through all matches.

In the future I will likely add a collection of found image locations you can iterate through.

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I really would recommend also supporting a “only active window” option also. That seems pretty simple and would be really handy. Thanks!

This has been at the top of my wishlist ever since I started using KM two versions ago. I don’t think the interface has to be anything fancy. All I wish for is the ability to tell KM to search only within an area defined by an upper-left and lower-right coordinate on the designated screen (which is important, if you run multiple monitors). It would be cool if you could define this area in the Macro just by dragging out a rectangle (similar to what you see when you invoke the OS X “⌘⇧4” screenshot function), but even if it was as Byzantine as manually entering these coordinates yourself, it would still be a welcome addition to the image finding tools.

Active window seems to be even simpler. Just a checkbox for “only search in active window”. This would really enable a host of useful macros on the current browser window (especially on the browser components rather than the web page itself) that its kind of hard to do any other way.