How would I write a macro to both view and rename pdf files at the same time?

I often bulk scan multiple documents in one setting.
The scanned documents end up in a folder with a cryptic filename based on time of scanning (I do not give each document a name after scanning - takes too much time).
I would like to create a macro which would allow me to

  • select multiple files in a predetermined folder
  • in sequence, for each file, display the file contents (equivalent to spacebar) and at the same time allow me to change the document name (which I will determine based on the contents).
    thanks very much for your time and help

I don’t know of any way to select documents in a “predetermined order”, unless you mean alphabetical, or “date added to the folder” order or something like that.

You can use the techniques described at:

to work with the Finder selection, which would be a good start.

I don’t know if there is a way to “Quick Look” a document. I don’t see anything in the Finder. I would probably open it in Preview (that is where I deal with my scanned files).

After it is displayed in Preview, it is easy enough to ask for the new name and rename the file, close the window, and continue with the next file.

I actually automate the renaming somewhat by bringing up a palette where I select the kind of scanned document it is (eg, monthly Business Activity Statement), and then have Keyboard Maestro name the file appropriately and move it to the relevant folder.

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I found the solution: Finder selection ➤ highlight file ➤ spacebar ➤ move window to the left ➤ rename.

It works perfectly.

Thanks for your time and answer.