I Do Not Understand

When I click on "Create Song Styles" , it will refresh and correct it self.

Please advise


Hey Ron,

How is this a Keyboard Maestro question?


I do not want to offend anyone here. I have made two macros the same way , one works and this one doesn't.. I do not have the skillset of most of the members here to fix it. Just looking for some advice.

It was not my intent to upset anyone..... Admin, you will not offend me if you remove this topic

Hi @rphillipchuk I don't think anyone is offended - after all a Forum is the place to ask questions. It is just that it is not possible to know what you are asking about from the screenshot in your first post.

If you could supply a little more detail I'm sure lots will jump in to help.

Looks like it's a browser issue. The stylesheet might not have loaded. I've seen it happen from time to time when using Ad blockers.

What browser are you using?
Do you have another browser and confirm it happens there as well?

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Hey Ron,

Legit question. Please be more specific.

You haven't shown us anything that has to do with Keyboard Maestro, so exactly what advice are we supposed to be able to offer?

If the problem lies with Safari then we still don't have much to offer.

@hello's answer is probably the best available given the information you've provided.

If you haven't read this it's worth a couple of minutes of your time.

Tip: How Do I Get The Best Answer in the Shortest Time?

This too.

How to Post Your Macro to the Forum

Once we understand what you're actually doing we might be able to offer useful advice.


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