I just want to copy my KM data base to a new computer

OK, I feel really dumb asking this, but I seem to be stumped. I purchased a new computer. GREAT! A clean install. GREAT. Manually moving all the data and programs to new computer. GREAT. I copy the KB database of all my macros, and none of my new, about 286 macros, appear. Just the default macros. BUMMER. So I export the library, then import the exported library to the new computer and all the macros are Disabled! BUMMER. I searched this forum and all references to databases are about people using real databases, not moving the KM database from computer to computer. BUMMER. I have been coping various forms of the database for about 3 hours now, and still no resolve. BUMMER. So I relent and ask the pros at large, how do I move my KM database of macros to another computer???? Sorry in advance for asking such a dumb question.


See TIP: Location of KM Essential Files for Backup, Restore

I copied the entire folder in my library folder called Keyboard Maestro, restarted the MAC, and all I had was the two macros I created to make sure KM was working. Interesting there was NOT a pre-exsisting folder in the folder to put it in. A different file needs to be moved???? perhaps a different library folder?

That means you copied them to the WRONG folder.
You want the KM folder in the ~/Library, NOT the /Library
It is the Library folder in your personal Mac Home folder.

The tilde, ~, means Mac Home Folder.

Hi JMichaelTX

I thought I did a pretty good job of moving it. Sere is a screen shot of my system. I only have two libraries on the disk that I know of.

KM placment.jpg

Perhaps it no longer goes in Application Support???? The new computer is using High Serra if that makes a difference.


If you still have the other computer, the easiest way would be to export all of your macros and then just import them again.

Yes, that is correct. Those are the two libraries on your Mac.
But you evidently did not copy the library from your home folder on your old Mac to your new Mac, elsewise you’d be seeing your complete set of macros on your new Mac.

Here is my original computer I am moving from.


It is called russmessanapbp. I moved it to where I was supposed to I thought on the new computer. When it didn’t work, I copied it and moved it to the second library on the new to me MAC.

I did try exporting the shortcuts, and importing them as well. They imported just fine, but everyone had a DISABLED word, written in RED on each one. Would you like a screen shot of that? I still have the saved file and can import it again.


If KM on your new Mac does not show the Macros and data from your old Mac, then you have not properly copied the data.

You need to copy the files in this folder FROM your old Mac to the SAME folder on your new Mac:
~/Library/Application Support/Keyboard Maestro

where the tilde ~ refers to your Mac Home folder, as in:

If I create a macro can I save the macro information like its id, Macro name, and macro's uuid in my local mysql db within the KM? Like everytime I made a macro and it save the macro info in my db?

I don't really understand what you're asking. Instead, can you explain what you're trying to accomplish?


I was saying: When I create macro it also saves in my local sql db. The macro name, The macro uuid.

And I still don't understand: Are you asking a question about how KM works, or are you asking for a macro to do something with a SQL database you've created?


I was asking this, macro to do something with a SQL database you've created?

Whenever I make a macro it's name, and it's uuid been save to my sql db that I created.

So "When I create a macro I would like to post that macro's name and UUID into my own, local, sql database"?

I don't know if you can do that automatically, but it would be easy enough to write a macro that will create a new macro with a given name in a given macro group, and return the new macro's name and UUID for you to put into your database.

How are you going to add the record to the database?