I need help making a toggleable macro that left clicks every second

Hello there, I just downloaded Keyboard Maestro after looking for an AutoHotKey equivalent for Mac. I’ve been trying to use the UI-based macro creator to make a macro that left clicks once every second when a key is pressed (in this case, F13) and that then turns off once the key is pressed again. However, this has been to no avail. Any help would be appreciated for a noob at Keyboard Maestro. Thank you.

I just posted this macro, which should do the trick.
Please test and post back here how it works for you.

###MACRO: @Mouse Toggle Auto-Click @Example

You will need to review and possibly change the following Actions:
As a safety precaution, I set the max time to 10 seconds. You can, of course, adjust as needed.
It is set to click at the current mouse location, but you can change to any location you wish.

Thanks Michael! I tested this and it does work.

I appreciate the help.

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