@Mouse Toggle Auto-Click @Example

###MACRO:   @Mouse Toggle Auto-Click @Example

~~~ VER: 1.0    2017-05-31 ~~~

@Mouse Toggle Auto-Click @Example.kmmacros (13 KB)
Note: This Macro was uploaded in a DISABLED state. You must enable before it can be triggered.

###Use Case




  • DEMO How to Toggle Auto-Click

NOTICE: This macro/script is just an Example

  • It has had very limited testing.
  • You need to test further before using in a production environment.
  • It does not have extensive error checking/handling.
  • It may not be complete. It is provided as an example to show you one approach to solving a problem.


  1. Position Mouse where click is to occur
  • Or Change "Click Mouse" Action to click at a specific location
  1. Trigger this macro to start clicking once per sec
  2. Trigger this macro again to stop
  3. Auto-click with stop after "MacroMaxSec"


  • Carefully review the Release Notes and the Macro Actions

    • Make sure you understand what the Macro will do.
    • You are responsible for running the Macro, not me. :wink:
  • Assign a Trigger to this maro.

  • Move this macro to a Macro Group that is only Active when you need this Macro.

  • ENABLE this Macro.

    (all shown in the magenta color)

    • Set Variable ‘TEST__MacroMaxSec’ to Text ‘10’
    • Move and Click at (0,0) from the Current Mouse Location

TAGS: @Toggle @Click @Mouse @Example


  • Any Action in magenta color is designed to be changed by end-user


  • To facilitate the reading, customizing, and maintenance of this macro,
    key Actions are colored as follows:
  • GREEN -- Key Comments designed to highlight main sections of macro
  • MAGENTA -- Actions designed to be customized by user
  • YELLOW -- Primary Actions (usually the main purpose of the macro)
  • ORANGE -- Actions that permanently destroy Variables or Clipboards,
    OR IF/THEN and PAUSE Actions


  1. Keyboard Maestro Ver 7.3+ (don't even ask me about KM 6 support).
  2. El Capitan 10.11.6+
  • It make work with Yosemite, but I make no guarantees.


  • While I have given this limited testing, and to the best of my knowledge will do no harm, I cannot guarantee it.
  • If you have any doubts or questions:
    • Ask first
    • Turn on the KM Debugger from the KM Status Menu, and step through the macro, making sure you understand what it is doing with each Action.

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Thanks for posting this! I got it to work but I'm having trouble making it click faster. I tried setting TEST_PauseInterval to very very small decimal places (eg, 0.00001) but the overall clicking speed didn't seem to increase substantially. Any help here would be much appreciated!

You see I am still new so please excuse me ff I made any mistakes.

I have downloaded this macro, moved it into a macro group thus making it not an example anymore and enabled it. Is it suppose to work right away? Because as i press the try button it only says TRYING macro to be STOPPED. The < TEST_MacroMaxSec and + TEST_PauseInterval are colored RED. I thought of maybe its because Im in the wrong version but it says here the required version is 7.3 and above. I am running version 8.

Yes. Did you read the Release Notes?