I Really Hate Fullscreen on the Mac - Can It Be Suppressed with KM?

I want to use KM to make all windows that open in Fullscreen reduce to "Maximized" status.

The main problem is that fullscreen makes multi-monitor dragging and stacking difficult. I have written some Hotkey macros to resize the offending windows, but this requires interrupting whatever else I am dragging to activate a shrinking Macro to move the obstacle.

Ideally, the goal would either be to 1) prevent windows from ever opening in fullscreen, or 2) trigger target monitors with fullscreen windows to reduce their window size (or just exit fullscreen) whenever another window is being dragged onto them.

Is this possible in KM? Would additional scripts be required to make it work?

If you open an app so its window has a small border, then that avoids the Full screen hassle that you are experiencing. See this macro