I shared all my macros and KM palettes I use on GitHub

I have been using Keyboard Maestro for a bit over a year now and over this time it has completely changed the way I do things on my mac. I also collected a very big collection of macros and KM palettes over this time that I would love to share it all with all of you guys.

I share all the macros I have in a Wiki. I also added a big README file that goes over how I use Keyboard Maestro, what macros and palettes are included and more. I give particular thank you to all the members of this wonderful forum and many of the macros in my library were made by people here. I give attribution to these people and want to thank everyone who helped me make the macros I wanted to exist as well as share the macros they have made. I will be continuously updating this repository to add more macros and palettes with time.

Big thank you goes to @ccstone, @JMichaelTX, @gglick, @Tom, @peternlewis, @DanThomas and I am sure I forgot many more. Thank you.

The GitHub repository with the macros together with the readme can be found here.

I am open to criticism and feedback on it.