I want to understand and use the power of quick macro

Let’s say I was doing this tedious task :

Is there a way, to quickly automate this task for some set period of time until it is finished?

Like for example, I press quick record, do it one or two times, press it again to complete my quick macro and activate it or something. What can I do in this case?

Thank you for any help.

Pretty easy :slight_smile:
First of all what version of fantastical do you have as i have an cog next to the minus, which brings me to the menu shown. However the process for me is:
Start Record(for me “F1”) → Press the cog via mouse → check the checkmark via mouse →
Press “Return” → Press “Arrow down” → Stop Record(press “F1” again)

Then on “F3” i have set a prompt to determine action delay for all macros. Set that to 0.3 or something and you can play your macro again(for me “F2”).

From there on this macro has to be started every time for each object. You can export the quick macro and put it in a loop if you’d like tho.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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You may need to record a pause after displaying the window to ensure that the window has appeared before the click on the checkbox.

Also, scrolling will likely not work well, so you really want to be using down arrow and return (or whatever is required) to display the next dialog.

Hey i’m trying to get a handle on using the record function to speed up all of my macro creations (not just the ones that will be repeated once and never again- this is a good idea right?)

I’ve played with both the record function (in the editor) and quick record functions, and have a few questions:

  1. Can i use the quick record macro to permanantly save macros? I’ve been trying to use quick record because there is a global macro to make that fast already, but i can’t figure out how i would save them permanantly after using it. Is it better off to make/find a macro that could be used to trigger the regular record for this? Anything like this exist?

I’m not sure what this means or how this would be done. Is it possible to automatically program in required pauses or make a macro to make it easier? This is one of the things that takes me the most time in Keyboard Maestro making macros, figuring out where and how much of a pause(s) to put in.

  1. 3

Is there any reason in particular why mouse movements aren’t good for quick record functions? Or can they be used in some cases? I could imagine that the example provided by OP could make mouse movements inneffective for scrolling to different items on the list bc they’re in different locations on the page, but don’t see why a mouse movement wouldn’t work for selecting the menu on the top.


You can use this:

Then on "F3" i have set a prompt to determine action delay for all macros. Set that to 0.3 or something and you can play your macro again(for me "F2").

The only delays that can be set, that I know of, don't do what this user thinks they do. Rather than try to explain, just know that you can't set a delay between actions on a per-macro bases.

So to answer your question, no, there's no way to record delays. Wish there was.

Is there any reason in particular why mouse movements aren't good for quick record functions?

Mouse actions break very easily. They're so specific to where a window is located, where controls are, etc. - things that can change too easily, often by doing nothing more than resizing a window. Keystrokes, in general, work or they don't.

Macros take time to create. That's really all there is to it. That's why we get paid the big bucks. :rolling_eyes:

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Thanks for sharing this Dan, seems like its supposed to do exactly what i had in mind. However, its acting wacky with me and i havent been able to figure out why. I set a quick macro and when hit the hotkey to invoke it it works fine, but when i go to save it using the Import Quick Macro you provided, it always imports a macro with a bunch of wierd actions i didnt do (its always like open app store, move mouse, resize window, open Keyboard Maestro, move mouse, etc, a bunch of stuff i didnt do- even if i just recorded a simple copy and paste). Ive tried deleting and reinstalling the macro, using different Keyboard Maestro , and creating different types of quick macros, but still getting the same thing. Any idea whats going on here? am i missing something?

@peternlewis - Peter, I’m just grabbing the file “Quick Macros.plist” in the user’s “Application Support/Keyboard Maestro” folder. Do you have any ideas why, when he runs his Quick Macro it works fine, but the file I read apparently has something else in it?

Could it have anything to do with whether KM was installed for all users instead of the current user, or anything like that?


You can add a Pause to a recording macro by clicking on the Clock icon in the Recording window - each click will adda quarter second pause.

There can be more than one Quick Macro recorded. You can have multiple independent Quick Macros. So maybe you are reading the wrong data?

I thought there was only ever one Quick Macro. Can you explain what you mean by being able to have multiple independent Quick Macros?


You can have as many different Quick Record macros as you like. For example:

Global Macro Group Macros.kmmacros (3.2 KB)

Each one stores its own Quick Recorded macro.

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So it looks like you have more than one Quick Macro, and I guess I didn’t code for that.

If you don’t mind deleting all Quick Record macros you currently have, and limiting yourself to one for purposes of doing an Import using my code, then you can delete the file they’re stored in, and try it again.

In the KM Editor, click “Help->Open Preferences Folder”. Trash the file “Quick Macros.plist” - make sure you trash the correct file.

Then try recording and importing again, and see how that works.

Thanks, i just tried that but still not working. Deleted the file you said, all other quick record macros (there were none- though i had made a few last week that were already deleted) , emptied trash, also tried deleting the original quick macro and recreating it as well as deleitng and reinstalling your code. Still got the same result with app store , resizing, etc.

LOL. Who the heck knows? :slight_smile: I should have asked earlier, but what version of KM are you using? If it’s not 7.3x, then that’s the issue (at least, I hope it is!).

Assuming that’s not the issue, try this: Record a Quick Macro, then check the “Date Modified” of the “Quick Macros.plist” file. If the file didn’t get updated, then something else is going on.

Assuming the file did get updated, upload it so I can look at it. If you don’t want other people to see it, send me a private message, although I doubt there’s anything sensitive in it.

lol thanks. it is 7.3.1. the file is updated it seems- the date created/modified is just a minute ago.

However, it wont let me do upload it bc it on the forum is a plist format, how do i do this?

I should have told you how - sorry. Compress (zip) it, and upload the zip file.

Ok all good, it here is:

Quick Macros.plist.zip (1.9 KB)

OK, that really helps. Let me put together a macro for you to test - it’ll give me more information.

I’ll post again, shortly.

OK, import and run this. It should give a list of the macros responsible for what's in the "Quick Macros.plist" file. It should also report the name of this macro - ignore that.

Let me know if it helps you figure out why there's more than one Quick Macro in the file.

Also, let me know that it does, in fact, find the one you're interested in.


__QuickMacro Test.kmmacros (5.6 KB)