I want to use a macro in another program chat but it doesn't work

I want to use a macro in League of Legends in-game chat however it does not work. Any ideas or improvements to the software?

There is not nearly enough information in this question for anyone to have much of a hope of answering it usefully.

Read Searching For Answers and Using the Keyboard Maestro Forum and then post enough information so that we can help you.

Try very hard to avoid “it does not work” because that is very vague. What does not work? How does it not work? What have you tried and how did it not work.

If it is a macro not firing, also read Macros Not Firing and maybe other parts of the FAQ and Torubleshooting pages on the wiki.

Okay, so. My macro usually fires in work (it is a text macro), however in this game it does not fire they key I allocate it to just types as usual. E.g my macro is set when I click ‘a’ it just types a in the chat box. What I do is in game I click ‘enter’ to open the chat then I click the macro trigger command > shift > [. This works in word. I have tried to use other keyboard triggers like ‘a’ and ‘1’. this does not work either it just types a or 1 in the chat before you send. I have spent a while trying to find out how to fix it but I can’t find anything. If there is any other details you would like let me know. :slight_smile: thank you very much for bothering to help me!

Never mind, I found the answer written by you actually."The system does peculiar things in full screen mode.

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