I would love for Keyboard Maestro to provide public sharing links for macros

I want to share single macros with the world and I would love for an easy way to right click on a macro to share it publicly and get a link. Same as what Shortcuts app on iOS provides with iCloud link.

Then you get a link like


Optionally it can show the macro structure on the page as well (blocks used) as image.

We as users can cover the cost of such service. In fact this can be built as a community effort with tight integration to Keyboard Maestro?

In any way, this service would be amazing. Currently I have to use services like Dropbox to share one off macros with other people or the world or share it by directly embedding them in this forum.

I would like to have this 'official' web sharing solution provided by Keyboard Maestro.

Post them to the forum here under Macro Library and point people to that?


Will do. Will try to automate all the friction away. I saw there are few macros that make that process automatic.

If you use the "Share" button in Keyboard Maestro's Editor, you can choose "Keyboard Maestro Forum" and post either the macro, an image, or both.

(I recommend both.)

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