Icon for keyboard maestro on iMac dock

I am a recent buyer of KM but although my purchase went thru, no icon for KM showed up in the app folder on my iMac desktop (High Sierra OS). Where do I find the icon to open the program?

Hey Jim,

You have to download and install it manually.

See the download link on this page:



After you drag the Keyboard Maestro.app to Applications folder, usually it will appear in LaunchPad (F4).

The KM icon shows on the dock but when I try to move it to the app folder, it does’t go there, just bounces back to the dock. The icon shows up on the dock and stays there when I watch the tutorial, but once I quit watching the tutorial, the icon disappears. The only way I can get it back is when I click on something in the message that was sent to me when I bought. Then disappears from the dock, as already said when I stop the tutorial.

You should drag the Keyboard Maestro icon within Finder, instead of Dock's one.

It doesn’t appear in LaunchPad/F4 either … the icon disappears off of the dock, once I stop watch the tutorial … what I want is an icon to be somewhere so I can work on learning to use the program.

The KM icon doesn't show within Finder under Applicatons but I did find it in Finder downloads and I was able to drag the icon from there to the applications folder on the dock. Thanks for the help.

Hey Jim,

Don't do that.

Drag it to the Applications folder:


Then if you want it in the Dock drag it to the Dock.


I am a nubi…I am following a list of how to create a macro...one instruction sez to make sure there's no yellow warning triangle in the bottom right corner as it indicates a problem...I just started to make a macro and there is that yellow triangle...but what is the problem, how do I find out what it is, and how to correct it?

Secondly, I tried to ask this question in the section for asking questions…I filled out my question (the one above) but no way to send that in…so in turn am sending it you…2d question where is the “send” on for forum page?

Again, thanks for your help.

Hey Jim,

Try hovering the mouse pointer over the yellow triangle and/or clicking it.

Without seeing your macro it's hard to guess what's going on. See this for how to post macros to the forum.

How to Post Your Macro to the Forum

As a newbie it would also be good for you to review this:

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It's a bit difficult to tell where you went wrong from you description.

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