Iconaholic Loud

Here is the Iconaholic Loud version of the status icons, which gives a very obvious indication that Keyboard Maestro is executing actions.


Download this zip file and drop it on Keyboard Maestro to install the Status Menu Icon:

IconaholicLoudStatusMenuIcon.zip (7.3 KB)


Excellent. Just installed this. Much better for my old eyes and non-retina screen.

The link is currently broken. Can someone re-share the file please? Thanks :grimacing:


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I am using the CMDStatusMenuIcon

CmdStatusMenuIcon.zip (20.0 KB)
IconaholicLouderStatusMenuIcon.zip (4.8 KB)
IconaholicLoudStatusMenuIcon.zip (7.3 KB)
RadarStatusMenuIcon.zip (34.9 KB)

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Thanks @suliveevil - very helpful!!

:wink: My pleasure.

Hey Adrian,

I particularly like the Iconaholic Loud icon. It's saved my bacon a couple of times, because it calls my attention to macros running longer than they should.

I have a global kill-all-macros hotkey, so I was able to quickly end a shell-script gone wrong – and that saved me from wiping out my entire user-folder some years ago.

I was editing a shell script I'd picked up off the web in a test macro and accidentally activated it before I'd fixed the dangerous parts.

Fortunately I reacted quickly and only lost part of my ~/Downloads folder.

Since then I've changed how I handle such scripts, so that kind of accident is unlikely to happen again.


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