Icons in Menus?

I'm mad for the ability to create custom menu bars, but is there any way to include icons in them?



I'm pretty sure he wants to emplace icons for the individual menu items...

The link above pertains to the menu bar icons. It's that not what he's after?

Each individual menu item in the menu – or so I think.

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Forgive my poor phrasing. I should have said "icons for individual menu items."

Either too many espressos or too few. It's so hard to get it just right.


Hey Bryan,

Unfortunately you can't list macros within the menu with icons.

This has been wished for and discussed, but I don't know if it's actually on @peternlewis' to do list.

In the meantime you can use emojis and SF Symbols if your version of macOS is new enough.

These are both text images, so you can place them at the beginning of macro names and effectively have an icon.


A fine idea. If only SF Symbols had representations of macOS System Settings. :kissing_cat:


Like what?

Generally icons in menus do not look very good, since their size does not match the menu spacing, resulting in a pretty ugly looking menu.

It's also not well supported, and tends to break type-ahead, so I don't know that I will ever implement it.


I agree with you - in general. I think there are, though, occasional exceptions. :kissing_cat: This menu adaptation of Ventura's new and incoherent System Settings app, for example…