%ICUDateTime% format from local

How to replace the second statement Execute AppleScript by pure KM statements?

I try to automate choice of date format from local setting :wink:
Thanks for any hints.

Alain, from the Dates and Times [Keyboard Maestro Wiki], I believe the format you want is: %ICUDateTime%dd/MM/yy%

See ICU Date/Time codes for full list of codes.

Sorry perhaps not to be clear enough…

I wish to set variable fmt depending of locale and process token %ICUDateTime%fmt% (with the chosen format).

This should work:

ShortDate (token)
LongDate (token)

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You can do the same thing natively in Keyboard Maestro by using the Filter Variable action to process the text tokens a second time. Note that you have to carefully double the percentage signs (%) so that only the variable is expanded in the first case.

Keyboard Maestro Actions.kmactions (1.2 KB)


Thank you JMichaelTX pointing out these amazing local tokens.

Your answer leads me to another local token %NumberDate% which is the beginning of a solution (@peternlewis gives me a more generic and complementary one below) :


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Thank you Peter for your generic answer I exactly look for :smiley:

I have already give a try to the Filter Variable action “Process Tokens”, but unfortunately use only %% in place of %%% in the specific places: use of %%% is now self evident…


Its actually never “%%%” per se.

You have to think through the process Keyboard Maestro will use. You double (%%) the percents you want to save. So for example the sequence of processing the string twice in a row goes from this:


If we code each percent as ①②③④⑤⑥ the doubling can be seen more clearly (I’d use colors, but Discourse does not support colors sensibly).


So you can see the percentage characters in the second process need to be doubled initially so they are preserved. That would be the ones labeled ①, ② and ⑥.

And initially within the format section, you have the variable expansion “%Variable%fmt%”.

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Welcome complementary explanation.

My (very recent) own cooking (guidance) about this such token is to consider # of processing levels which is 2 in the present case + 1 "%" for text field setting...

Fortunately important help (feedback) come from KM Action live result display I call for heavily :wink: