Ideas to Signal That the Macro Is Successfully Triggered, Running/ Listening?

I'm building/ using more keyboard triggered macros, some that listen e.g. for clipboard changes. Is there a subtle way of signalling that the macro is active and listening?

The Display Large Text is the only thing that does it so far, but it's really disruptive on the screen and blocks the thing I need to copy.

How about with a Menu Bar Flag? You can configure a macro group to display information in the menu bar, which could be an image from a named clipboard. Then you just need to update that clipboard to reflect status.


I use the Status Menu shown in the macOS menu bar along with the Iconaholic Loud Icon set.

That way the status menu blinks at me whenever Keyboard Maestro is running.

This feature along with a kill-all-macros macro with a easy to hit hotkey trigger has seriously saved my bacon about four times over the years and kept me informed when things macro were not quite going to plan.

@devoy's idea is a good one.

You can also use a palette – here's a good example:

Is There a Way to Generate a Wait Indicator Until the Macro Finishes? - #8 by JMichaelTX

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