I'm having some problems with the Insert Text

Hey Guys!
I'm a video editor, and I'm trying to use a macro to apply a preset, and to apply a preset, I need to search it in the effects Panel, so it works fine going to the panel and with the mouse clicking to search, but when it comes to write the text to search the preset, then put's a % at the end and I do not find the correct effect that I'm looking for, can anyone help me, I tryed every type of text, and every pause possible.

The weirdest thing is that works fine for the other presets, is just this one, did I do something wrong? :thinking:

You don't need to do the % character as a separate operation, you can include it in the "Insert by typing" action -- but, because % is special character in KM, you have to "escape" it to get the literal character:


If the problem is that it's typing a % symbol that you don't want in there -- that's because of the later "Type the ⇧5 Keystroke" action. If that's supposed to by triggering something else then get out of the text box first -- sending a tab keystroke might be enough, but it's difficult to tell without knowing what you are doing and in which app.

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The % was not wanted, but I put instead of a tab a return, because tab could cause problems in premiere, and now works, thanks very much! :rocket:

Check out

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