I'm Not Sure That Emoji Are Reliably Searchable in the Keyboard Maestro Editor 😭

I noticed that searching for :white_check_mark:from the search bar allowed me to find all of my macros containing :white_check_mark:in both title and within the macro itself, including (say) a macro in the Global Macro Group I named "L1):parking:ID​:white_check_mark:".

However, searching for :parking:did not find any macros containing :parking:anywhere (which I use to indicate a sub-macro program).

Are there search issues with emoji being used in macro names or within the macros themselves? Much like Keyboard Maestro, I use emoji unapologetically and quite frequently :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I also have this bug. Makes finding little emoji snippets very difficult.

Oh, no! :scream:


A quick test with Keyboard Maestro 10.2 on macOS 10.14.6.

Found in a display text action:


Not found in a display text action:


Unicode off plane 0 (ie, any unicode after U+FFFF) are not well handled in many respects. The parking emoji is U+1F17F. The white_check_mark emoji is U+2705. Compounded by the fact the the native NSString implementation on the Mac is composed of 16-bit characters.

That said, this one is me not handling the two-character character as well as I could, so I have resolved it for the next version.