Import App Shortcut in KM

Hi All,
I'm quite new with this fabulons tools however I have a question for you
Does exist a way to automatically import the shortcut from an to a KM palette ?
Being able to reorganize the palette in a more accessible way ?

If a post on the same topic already exist please point me on


You might want to check out this utility macro:

Alternatively, just search the KM forum for "palette" - you'll get lots to read!

Hi Tffle
Thanks for the advice
My main issue is how to import the app shortcut in KM I would not do it manually
Using Pallette will help on the second step

Sorry @Patrick_68, I obviously misunderstood what you’re trying to do. Are you saying you want to somehow transfer the keyboard shortcuts provided by an app (which one?) into KM?

Yes that's the principle and in particular from the Agenda app
Lot of shortcut changing often as the app is under heavy devloppment and my memory is leaking
The aim is to be able to import the shortcut and re-arrange in a palette to have them under the eyes


Got it. If you know the Keycue app ( you’ll know it shows the currently-active keyboard shortcuts so it is obviously possible to get what the shortcuts are using an Apple API of some sort, but that’s as far as my knowledge goes. Maybe some other more experienced developer-type on this forum can be more useful.

Personally, I use Keycue!

thanks a lot
I will investigate this way !!

Are you able to share on your setting and on your workflow on this topic?

Thanks a lot
It is clearly what I would have, thinking KM can do it for me !! :slight_smile: