Improve Share to Forum feature?

Many of us use Keyboard Maestro's Share to Forum feature on the Share sheet. It's a great feature that makes sharing and supporting much easier. Or maybe I'm "using it wrong" and someone can enlighten me :).

What I'm asking may not be possible, but it would be a huge timesaver for me (and others, I assume). As it works now, using Share to Forum opens a new forum posting. From there, I have to highlight everything and cut (or copy), then close and discard that posting, open the thread where I want to reply, and paste the copied data.

I'd love it if the Share feature had an option to just "copy to clipboard" the final form of the shared macro and screenshot. I imagine this isn't possible because it has to be put into a post on the forum first in order to get that final form, but I thought I'd ask.

If not possible, I guess I'll write a macro to automate all but the "paste" portion of the process, so I'll wind up with the same thing, just a bit more convoluted. But I thought I'd ask first.


I don't.

I use version 3 of the macro @ccstone wrote (with a couple of tweaks) that does it all for you.

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Thanks; I hadn’t seen that one.

EDIT: That's pretty much exactly what I was going to write, glad it already exists! Thanks again.



It would be nice if Keyboard Maestro could upload directly in to your reply, but unfortunately I don't believe that is possible.

I figured as much, but @ccstone's macro basically does exactly that with some GUI manipulation, and it works great.


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