Insert Dollar Sign

I'm trying to insert some text that includes a dollar sign. When I do, it inserts the number four. I'm assuming I need to escape the dollar sign or use a token but I can't find what I need to do that. I'm sure its a simple thing I'm missing. If someone could point me in the right direction that would be great!
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In general, there should be no issue inserting a "$".
In order to help, please provide more details:

  1. Macro and Action you are using (see How to upload your macro )
  2. What app you are inserting into
  3. Your macOS

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Thanks for getting back to me. It was a "Insert Text by Typing" macro and the app I was inserting into was QuickBooks Desktop 2018 and I believe that is the issue. I'm running High Sierra, 10.13.6.

When I run the macro in another app (Scrivner) it works fine. I'm not surprised QuickBooks was the issue. I think with enough guidance, pre-schoolers could have written a better app than the developers who wrote QuickBooks. I realize that's not very nice for me to say but I do believe it's accurate.

Thanks for your help JMichaelTX!