Insert Styled Text by Pasting Changes Font Size

I'm new and trying to create a simple text expansion that when i type three characters, KM inserts into my Word doc a memo header that i copied and pasted into the "insert styled text by pasting" action in the KM editor.

The macro works, the text fonts are correct, but the font sizes are all increased. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong or if there's a better way to create this macro.

It's better to let KM do what you have done for typing and formatting texts instead of just paste to specific app.

For example:
You want to insert words with bold style:

Insert plain text by pasting
Option+Shift+⬅️(x times)

Or you may need this:

Try again. Go one size larger or smaller in Word, copy and paste that into your "Insert" action, and see what happens. Make sure you copy everything, including the last paragraph mark of the text you want.

In other words -- doing the same as you seem to be doing works fine here. If you're still having trouble post the failing macro, including the set text, in case someone's able to spot something amiss.

Thank you! Will try it this way.

Thank you, I'm going to try another way, but I will also try this with the old macro as a learning opp!