Insert text by typing mistypes under Sierra

Just updated to Sierra, running KM 7.3.1

I have a number of text expander-like macros using “insert text by typing.”

Since updating to Sierra, these macros substitute incorrect letters. For example, on some email shortcuts, KM substituted the caret ^ for the at-sign @ so the result was myName^ Different phrases have different substitutions, and sometimes letters are typed in the wrong order. I checked the macros to make sure the phrases are spelled properly in KM.

In some cases, I’ve gotten the macro to work again by changing to “insert text by pasting.”

Please advise.

You have some other badly behaved software installed.

Perhaps an old version of the Wacom driver. Might be something else.

Try booting in Safe mode to confirm, or another account to see if it is local to your account.

Thanks, I’ll look into it.