Insert text by typing - random speed

Hey all,

I am trying to create a macro that reflects human like typing.

First action is SET ACTION DELAY (Simulate normal keystroke delay).


Under set action delay, the RAND() function doesn’t seem to be working for anything less than 1 second (it defaults to 0).

There is also no option to change the delay from seconds to hundredths here either.

Any ideas?

PS this is not my macro (I’m on my iPhone but this shows a similar scenario).


You can learn a lot by simply searching this forum. For example, searching for “human typing” turns up a few things including this:

Maybe it can help you work something out.

Well, you can just type in 0.02 to get 2 hundredths of a second... or 0.99 for 99 hundredths... for example.

Amazing thanks tiffle I’ll try it out.

I had one of those ‘duh’ moments as soon as you mentioned searching human typing!

Thanks again.

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One other thing - the RANDOM() function allows for non-integer values. Look at it in the KM wiki: function:RANDOM [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]