Inserting Text will replace the current memory of the clipboard :

if i change the insert method by typing, it won't replace the clipboard memory though it doesn't type more than one character.

any suggestion to avoid affecting the current memory of the clipboard ?

The workaround most people use for this is to delete the past clipboard after using Insert Text by Pasting. There's a theoretical risk that the wrong clipboard item might be removed, as the timings of these actions are not conditional, but for the most-part it tends to work just fine in common practical applications.

Clean Up Clipbboard.kmactions (981 Bytes)

It's nested in a repeat block so that, if several items are pasted sequentially, you can delete their clipboard entries, all in one go, at the end of your macro.


i realise that KM editor can manage multiple Clipboards. but i have no idea how to use it. all i know is that copy and paste are only using the system Clipboard. is that a way to shift the Insert text action to a specified clipboard rather than overwrite the system clipboard ?

You're referring to the Named Clipboard actions.

While very useful, they won't help you keep the system clipboard clean.

Given that what you're pasting is pretty short, you might prefer to use Insert Text by Typing, which doesn't involve the clipboard.

Typing Method has a problem like this :
スクリーンショット 2023-10-08 午後7.37.42
it will be hindered by different Language input popup.

OK,i find the way. it seems boring but it works.

Your suggestion will give you duplicate entries. Try this:

Everytime I use this action (using Execute Macro “Clean Up Clipboard” as the second action of several pasting macros), the text Execute Macro “Clean Up Clipboard” becomes my current clipboard.

What am I doing wrong?