Instant Finder "Save To" Navigation

So I'm going through my files and folders in the Finder and I want to create a README file to include in a particular folder buried deep in the folder structure. So I create the file. And now I want to save the file to that folder. I hit COMMAND-S to save it and that "where do you want to save it?" window comes up, right?

Now I have to navigate all the way back to that original folder, the one I was in when I decided to create the README file. Surely there must be a way to macro my way back to that folder.

I'll betcha this would be a useful macro for more people than just myself.


Hey Polyvox,
The quickest way would be to drag the required folder to the Finder Favourites section and select the folder when you want to save a file.


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@Polyvox, if you want something simple, try this:

2022-01-10 EDIT: Deleted Version 1.0. See Version 1.1 below.

If you want something more powerful, I suggest starting with this: Create a New File in the Finder from a Selection of Templates - Questions & Suggestions - Keyboard Maestro Discourse by @ccstone.

What application are you using?

For a non-KM solution, I usually drag the folder from a Finder window or Alfred into the Save As dialog box, or drag the proxy icon of an open file if appropriate.

Command-shift-G in the save dialog. Then have KM type the folder path. The folder path can be preset by setting a variable to text which could lead to several automation options for expanding the macro.

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I tried the "Create New ReadMe and Edit" macro and it works well. It does exactly what I want (almost). It creates a ReadMe file in the active Finder folder and takes me directly to the document for editing.

Two things.

First, when I first ran the macro I got an alert that Keyboard Maestro wanted access to my Systems Preferences app or something like that. I finally clicked OK and then got a second alert asking something similar, and I think I clicked cancel. It all went so fast. But then the macro itself worked perfectly. Just curious. What was that all about?

Second, I would like the macro to open a Microsoft Word document rather than a text edit document. How can I make that change?

As for the more powerful macro by @ccstone it's a little over my head. I might try to get into that a little later. It does look intriguing. I actually tried it, but couldn't get the template thing to work. Do I need to join that other thread to get some coaching on it?

Many thanks for all the suggestions.

Correction. The macro asked for access to the System Events app. What is that? And why did the macro need access to it?

System Events app - Google Search

The macro uses AppleScript and within it interacts with System Events. For more information, check this out:

Mac Automation Scripting Guide: Automating the User Interface

I've updated the macro to Version 1.1. It now has a variable for the File Extension. Download this macro and change the value of local_FileExtension to docx.

DOWNLOAD Macro File:
Create New ReadMe and Edit.kmmacros (16 KB)
Note: This macro was uploaded in a DISABLED state. It must be ENABLED before it can be run. If it does not trigger, the macro group might also need to be ENABLED.