Is it conceivable to create a macro to pin windows (not split screen)?

@Tom @appleianer

Tom, you are right. I tested it with Retina and noticed that the resolution is too poor, so I deleted it.

Appleiner had a good idea. I think that it’s because the last update is I think 2016.

I would like to thank both of you for a very interesting discussion.

Do any of you have experience with Diggy. Is there an advantage over Moom?

Do you mean Divvy?

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yes, sorry Divvy

It’s nice too. I used to use it some time ago, because it had one particular advantage: While the grid was on screen I could resize a window (e.g. a Finder window) then cycle to the next window with the usual ` shortcut, resize it, cycle again etc. without having Divvy taking the focus away from the Finder.

This allowed to really quickly resize several windows in a row.

But at some point this stopped working. Now, after resizing the first window I have to click (e.g.) in the Finder and only then I can use ` to cycle to the next window.

With that advantage gone nowadays I prefer BTT, or sometimes Moom. But most of the time BTT is good enough.

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thanks. I will take a second look at BTT

Hey Ronald,

@iNik has posted a very nice KM macro that provides the basic functionality of the Screenfloat app.

It doesn’t have the “auto-disappearing mode” on mouseover, but it lets you resize/scale the screenshot window, and you can minimize the window to the Dock.

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thanks very much Tom. I tried it.
1- it takes a complete screenshot instead of a partial snapshot of a region on the screen, which I don’t find very useful
2- after that, the screenshot seems to just sit there, occupying the whole screen.
there must be something I don’t understand.
thanks again very much

Seems you have downloaded a different macro :wink:

By default the macro captures the window. As usual, you can toggle between window capture and area capture by pressing the Space bar. You can also customize the screencapture script in action #1. Read the screencapture man page. (Type man screencapture in the Terminal.)

As said, you can resize/scale it by dragging the corner of the window, and you can also minimize it to the Dock. (The yellow window button or ⌘M.)

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thank you very much Tom.
I read the screencapture manual in Terminal ➤ changed -ioWc to -ioc, and everything works.
I am very grateful for your patience.
You have a gift for teaching: you could have spoonfed me the answer which would not have been as interesting for me.
The resulting floating window at the end is a bit big. Could you put me on the right track to as where it’s size is defined ? I understand the part about manual resizing. I am referring to the default size.
thanks again very very much. Great macro and great teacher.

The window size depends on the dimensions of your screenshot.

If you want a fix window size you could set some fix values in the KMWindow function:

function KMWindow() {return "1500, 0, 500, 500";}

or replace the opening body tag with something like this:

<body data-kmwindow="SCREEN(Main,Left,90%),SCREEN(Main,Top,0%),500,500">

(See KM Wiki.)

Each of them gives me a 500px window in the top right corner of the screen.

If it’s that what you want, you can remove then any stuff related to the floatingScreenshotImageDimensions variable.


the new body tag is works perfectly and is exactly what I wanted.
thanks so much and have a nice day !

Hello @ronald , I accidentally found the free App LayerX today. Maybe this is something for you :wink:

In this video my workflow to LayerX with Yoink and KM

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Thank you very much I am very grateful that you thought of me.
I have a general question: how do you assess the security risk of a non app store app before downloading and installing it?

I check on the internet experience reports, twitter Facebook posts etc. If the developer is negative I do not install the software. Unfortunately, there is no 100 percent certainty. As you’ve read in the past few days, there is no such thing as being safe in the iTunes or Mac App Store :thinking:

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I have been looking for a simila solution for long time. There is no one app that can float any window: Afloat was the only attempt so far as I can tell.

If you are looking for floating applications for writing (jotting notes), here are 3 applications I find good.

  1. Curiota: by default, it stays on top—this is free and wonderful
  2. NoteAway: this has also has a feature to stay on top (stay visible). It has both free and paid version.
  3. Handy Note: this is like the stickies in the mac. But, you can float any of the notes.
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Herzlichen Dank!

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thanks very much. I will look into those apps.

and thanks very much for the video !

is there any reason you use yoink rather than dropzone?

have you tried yoink’s own floating screenshot app called screenfloat ?

thank you

No, I'm doing it with Yoink for Mac. In this video you can see my workflow with Keyboard Maestro, Automator and Yoink.

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