Is it possible to call up a form field?

In my quest to migrate most, if not all, of my daily keyboard shortcut usage over to Keyboard Maestro, I am trying to set up some auto text entries. A lot of these that I already use via aText include the usage of a custom form field that pops up and allows me to enter text.


I've successfully set up some basic auto text entries with KM that don't include this functionality and they work great. Is it possible to set up KM to also include a custom text option like my example?

Hey Patrick,

If you’re a heavy user of a text replacement utility don’t bother to port them to Keyboard Maestro.

KM will never be as full-featured as a specific-duty-utility.

I use Typinator myself.

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I completely agree with @ccstone, if you have deep or extensive text expansion requirements, a purpose-built tool for that job will do better than Keyboard Maestro.

However, in the interests of completeness here are two ways you could do it with Keyboard Maestro. The first is the simple way, pop up a Prompt For user Input window and ask for the name:

Or you can use regular expressions in the Typed String trigger and do it inline, like this:


Excellent. Thanks!

Dear Peter,

Enfin, I bought Keyboard Maestro 8, Today.

I read helpful information [Is it possible to call up a form field?]
in [Is it possible to call up a form field?].

This may be a rude question, but
Is it possible using [Popup Menu] ?

I would like to make the fewest mistakes, getting away from my typing error.

Please offer help and advice to me.
How can I use [ Popup Menu ] with same kind of behavior?

I would like to use like that.
This string is typed : ytr

Will execute the following actions:
Prompt for User Input "What Neme?"
Valiable and Default Values:

[ Popup Menu ]: update|upgrade|info

Insert Text by Pasting
brew %Variable%Name%


If possible, I would like to invoke at a time with one stroke of typing.

thx and regards, WAKAMATSU (boehmflute)

In a Safari form? Generally, yes it should be.

Is the page public? If so, it is a lot easier to offer a specific solution.

Or are you talking about prompting yourself for a popup menu? That can also be done using the Prompt for User Input action.

Dear Peter,

Thanks a lot for your Information.
I will obtain knowledge through studying what should I do.

I read with caution Prompt For User Input, again.

thx and regards, WAKAMATSU