Is it possible to create a new named clipboard using the value of a variable?

I have an unique naming system that I assigns the system clipboard to clip bins. The names are based on google search terms, and they must be created dynamically. I’ve read the docs and looked at forum examples, but it appears named clipboards can only be created at design time.


I’m not sure if you can create Named Clipboards (KM Wiki) dynamically, but while I check, let me ask you this:

Do you really need to save the data to a clipboard?
Do you need to save non-text (like images) data?

If you need to save only text, then it is easy to dynamically create and name a KM Variable, and set it to the current System clipboard.

Hey Kevin,

As JM says – we need a bit more detail about your process.

One possible workaround is to write your data to a file and name it just the way you want it.