Is it possible to detect the frequent popup YouTube Ads [skip ad] button and click it?

I need to come back to the keyboard each time when the YouTube Ads break the playing video.

I heard there are Browser add-ons that block ads on YouTube.

Using the Found Image Action likely doesn’t help here much, as the transparency of the button always shows a different background.

use plug-in to block YouTube ads instead ?
many so-called block ad extensions do not entirely block ads.

I haven't seen an ad on youtube since I switched to Brave Browser.

スクリーンショット 2023-08-10 午後4.14.01

also suppress all YouTube video ads ?

In my experience, yes. On Mac and iOS.

Same with AdBlock for YouTube.

Same with uBlock.

My wife and I have been using this for a couple of years with great success.

Youtube Ad Skipper.kmmacros (4.1 KB)

Macro Screenshot (click to expand/collapse)

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Hey Chris - what's the Don't Rotate Status Menu action?

That’s a nifty little action that is “hidden”, but prevents the menu bar icon from animating. Since it’s hidden, I have it saved as a favorite to easily add it. It’s handy for macros that trigger very frequently, or that have long pauses etc.

See this comment by Peter for more info. :wink:

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Got it! Thanks Chris :grinning:

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If you only use YouTube on browser ad blocker is the way to go
If you wanna use it on Apple TV or iPhone I suggest just get YouTube red you can share with 5 more people too

If you have an Android/Google TV, SmartTubeNext is brilliant and you can customise pretty much everything.

Thanks man !
but … it doesn't work.
after I put this macros into Global Macro Group, it works now.
I found it failed when different language input method is not corresponding to the current video loaded. I need to switch the matching method to make it resume :slight_smile:

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Glad you got it going!

Thank you very much !
it works fine now, I don't even need to care about the input methods anymore … really no idea what's going on.
I was afraid that this Macros repeating itself every seconds which might consume some CPU processes and I tried to test it with different repeating time like 5 seconds, but the fact is that nothing really gets delayed. and I also find it won't perform this action when the window is not focused. so my worries about it might hinder the normal use of other applications is totally futile.

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Glad to help. Since there were several different recommendations in this post, for posterity’s sake, feel free to mark whichever one works best for you as the solution. :wink:

Yes of course, thanks everybody !
you all widen my considerations

I haven't seen a YouTube ad in years, but it never occurred to me to look for a technical solution. I simply upgraded to YouTube Premium. Part of me hopes that the creators get a bit of a kickback as well.