Is it possible to trigger a macro from within a Bear app markdown note?

I use Bear a lot. Notes are in Common Markdown format.
I tried to copy paste the macro URL trigger into the Bear note, but the link is broken. I was wondering if anyone has found a workaround.
thank you very much

It works for me, make sure to enter it just like this (for example)
[Sleep Screen](kmtrigger://macro=Sleep%20Screen)

When entering it looks broken

But it's not.

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thank you very much. Yes, you are right. I found something interesting:

  • if the macro is in a globally active macro group, the Bear URL triggers the macro
  • if the macro is not active, ie located in a palette or nested palette that for example show a palette for one action when the Bear link displays the macro itself in KBM ("editing mode")

I found something else interesting.

If you use the copy as markdown link macro in the library, you just have to copy as markdown link and paste directly into bear. You will end up with the same syntax as the one in your post.

You can even batch select multiple macro in KM → copy as markdown link → they will all be pasted in sequence

Copy as Markdown Link - Macro Library - Keyboard Maestro Discourse