Is There a Way to Navigate Palettes Using a Rotary Dial?

Hey everyone, I could use a little help. I have this rotary dial that I would like to use for the purposes of navigating a palette.

My ideal functionality would be to activate a a palette by turning or pressing down on the dial, and navigating the palette by turning the dial.

Is that doable? Or is there a way to somehow Jerry rig it if not? Thanks!

Palettes can't be 'navigated'. However, you might be able to use the prompt with list action instead, as the up/down arrows and ↵ key are all you need to navigate and make a selection.

Is your dial a midi controller or something else?

Thank you for the reply! I think this just might solve it. It's technically a MIDI controller, but it can be used to send out the equivalent of a keystroke.

Looking at the prompt that you mentioned, would you mind sharing how exactly I would add to the list a bunch of (previously created) macros? I'm assuming it has something to do with this clipboard, but I'm not really sure how to populate such a clipboard.

Thanks again!

What is also "navigable" is the list of "trigger macro by name". Think of it like Spotlight, but only with KM macros, whose number you can expand or restrict as you like. So if you want to see a list of previously created macro that should work very well.

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Much better idea. :+1:t3:

This is ingenious, thank you. Sorry for my lack of knowledge on this, but how would one access this? I don't see this in the list of available actions.

Thanks! However (in the spirit of the Mac Spotlight feature), would this solution require you to type out the name of the macro once it's activated?

Yes and no. Just try it out.

Just start typing the name and you will get "suggestions". You can also limit the search to certain group. Very simple is the solution with prefixes. Put a certain character in front of the macros name you want group, for example a dot (.) This helps sorting.

Would you mind kindly elaborating on this a bit further? I'm more intrigued by this given its potential ability to be navigated by my rotary dial. How would a clipboard be created? Thanks so much.

Have you tried @Frankb's suggestion above?