Is There a Way to Tell Google Meet is Running?

I have a macro that will turn a light on and off when Webex is running (easy to do since it runs in a separate app) to help my housemates know when I am in a meeting. It turns the light red when the app launches and green when it quits.

I am using Google Meet more and more, but that launches embedded in the browser. Is there a way to determine whether the Google Meet service is running (and when it quits)?

Hey @jlobster,

What web browser are you using?

If Safari or Google Chome it's fairly likely.

I never use Google Meet, so my advice is necessarily generic.

You can have a macro watch the front browser window to see if its title changes.

If the window title is "Google Meet" you can periodically run an Execute a JavaScript in Front Browser action to look for an element in the DOM that indicates the meeting is running.

It looks like G.M. has unique graphical elements on the page when active or inactive. If so you can periodically search for an image in the front browser window. (This is processor intensive, so you don't want to go crazy with your search frequency, and you only want to search when the window title is "Google Meet" or whatever is relevant.)


I'm a KM noob but I do use all the GSuite products for work.
When you're in a Google meeting, the active tab in your browser will contain an URL beginning with ""

I think that would be easy to identify in KM

@Warioish has offered a solution here: OnAir Light: ON/OFF IF ListOfChromeTabs CONTAINS (Chrome)