Is There Any Shortcut to Move Selected Actions?

Is there any keyboard shortcut to move the action up or down?

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What would you want? A shortcut to move the currently selected action above the preceding action and keep it selected?

Hey Peter,


I just noticed that Automator will do this and found it useful today.

BBEdit will do this with lines, and I use that quit a bit.


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Have also found this feature to be useful in Automator and I think it’d be a great addition to KbM. Along with the the Quick Add Action [βŒƒβŒ₯A] keyboard shortcut it would seriously speed up the macro editing process!

For what it’s worth, I’d love to have this functionality as well! :slight_smile:


By any chance has this been implemented?



Hello @peternlewis,
Is this in any future KM release plans? Please advise.


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CTRL-↑ or CTRL-↓ to move the selected Action (or Actions) UP one action, or DOWN one action, and keep selected.

This would really be great!


CTRL-↑ or CTRL-↓ works, for me, as well.

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It is on the todo list.

I don't give future plans, not until after I have implemented the feature anyway, which I have not. There is never any way to know whether a feature will pose unforeseen difficulties, or whether it will be dropped for some reason or other. So it is either β€œdone on my Mac” (which this one isn't) or β€œon the todo list” (which this one is) or β€œnot something I am planning to do”.


Me: But Peter...


Me: Yes sir...



Just do what I did
Add 01) 02) 03) before your Macros or Groups .... It sort them by numbers.

The idea here is a built-in shortcut for moving Actions, the component parts of Macros.

Hi @kcwhat, for a quick move of actions I created a macro using the Dwell Click App and BetterTouchTool.

After triggering the macro, the mouse position is saved and I then have to select the desired KM action with a mouse click.

The KM action remains attached to the cursor until I click the mouse again. So I can also scroll back and forth within the macro with the action.


01)Drag to Cursor <563C 210713T205015>.kmmacros (21,1 KB)

Dwell Click is really fun in conjunction with KM and BetterTouchTool in ScreenFlow.
With this, the clip skimmer always comes to the cursor wherever it is located :wink:


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Nifty solution!

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Done for the next version.

βŒƒβ†‘ or βŒƒβ†“ move the selected actions up or down.
βŒƒβŒ˜β†‘ or βŒƒβŒ˜β†“ move the selected actions to the top or bottom of their list.


Yes Indeed @peternlewis!

Thank you!

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That's excellent @peternlewis!

However, demonstrating that no good deed goes unpunished I am moved to ask: What will the behavior be if the moving action encounters nested macros? (e.g. a group, if-then-else, case/switch etc.)

I've got no pressing concerns, but I am curious. Thanks!